How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10 ISO

How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10 ISO Although Rufus 3.5 gets this new feature, rufus to Download Windows 10 ISO the feature isn’t totally integrated into Rufus. Rufus To Download windows 10 ISO a script is known as Fido that successively helps to download Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 ISO pictures.

There area unit dozens of computer code around to assist you to transfer Windows ten ISO moreover as prepare bootable USB. However, solely the official Media Creation Tool will each transfer the Windows ten ISO and prepare the bootable USB victimization the downloaded ISO

While the official Media Creation Tool is kind of smart, it doesn’t prepare the bootable USB as quick because of the common Rufus computer code. Rufus is quick, sports associate easy-to-understand interface, obtainable in several languages, and updated fairly often. It even supports getting ready Windows to travel USB drive.

Good news is that you just now not got to use the Media Creation Tool or the other computer code to transfer Windows ten ISO as Rufus will currently do this.

Starting with Rufus 3.5, Rufus will transfer Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft servers and prepare the bootable USB.

NOTE: Please note that Rufus version three.5 is presently in Beta. we are going to update this text once a stable version of Rufus 3.5 is out.

Using Rufus to transfer Windows 10 ISO

Here is a way to use Rufus 3.5 to transfer Windows 10 then prepare a bootable USB

  • Connect Associate in Nursing 8GB+ USB drive that you’d prefer to create a bootable USB.
  • Transfer and run Rufus 3.5 or later version. additionally, to the regular installer, a transportable version of Rufus is additionally accessible for users WHO don’t need to put in the program.
  • within the Device drop-down box, choose your USB drive. choose Disk or ISO image from the Boot choice dropbox, click the little down arrow next to the choose button then take care to pick the transfer possibility.
How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10 ISO
  • Currently, click the transfer button to transfer the Figo script that once downloaded can show the subsequent dialog wherever you wish to pick Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1 if you would like to transfer it) then clicks OK button to visualize an inventory of Windows 10 versions.
How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10 ISO
  • Select the most recent version of Windows ten, click the OK button once more, choose the edition of Windows 10 (Home, professional or Education), click the Continue button, choose the language, click Continue once more, then choose the design (32-bit or 64-bit).
How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10 ISO
  • Finally, click the transfer button, choose a location to avoid wasting the ISO file then click the Save button to start downloading the Windows 10 ISO file. If you’d prefer to use an internet browser to transfer the ISO, you’ll do this by choosing transfer victimization browser possibility.
How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10
  • Once the ISO is downloaded, click the beginning button to format the connected USB drive and create it as bootable USB.
How To Use Rufus To Download Windows 10

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