Recycle Bin windows 10 : Automatically delete | deletion confirmation | Change the size

Windows 10 Recycle Bin Tips & Tricks That You Should Know

There are many Windows 10 Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks. Check out now how to fix this problem with recycle bin the after deleting files. Then you can also restore them back. Here are the tips and tricks can solve you better in managing Recycle Bin.

Enable the deletion confirmation dialog for the Recycle Bin

You can accidentally delete or remove the file, and check again in the Recycle Bin. Do you want to see the deletion confirmation dialog when trying to delete a file? do these below step:

  • First Step : Access your Recycle Bin icon on the desktop, click Properties.
  • Next Step : Check the Delete confirmation dialog box. Click the Apply button.Windows 10 Recycle Bin Tips & Tricks

Now you gets the windows notification when try to delete files.

Automatically delete old files from the Recycle Bin windows 10

This Windows 10 Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks makes you can automatically delete you old files and keep more space on your space disk. So don not worry about the red color on your disk bar.

This is how to do it.

  • First Step : Navigate to the Settings> System> Storage application.
  • Second Step : Under the Sense Storage section, activate the Sense Storage option. Now, click
  • Change how we empty the link space automatically.
  • Last Step : In the Temporary File section, activate the Delete temporary file that my application does not use the option and then select 1 day, 14 days, 30 days, or 60 days.

Change the size of the Recycle Bin

If your PC drive runs almost full of storage, reduce it or allocate the wasting files to the Recycle Bin in Windows. Follow this bellow steps:

  • First step : Right-click on the icon of recycle bi and choose properties.
  • Next step: In the Settings section for the selected location, select Custom size options, then type a special value in MB.
  • Last Step : Click the Apply button to save the new size of the Recycle Bin.

That is the list of Windows 10 Recycle Bin Tips And Tricks. I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading.

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