Windows 10 Mail App Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Mail App KeyboardWindows 10 Mail App Keyboard Shortcuts That’s More Effectively

Windows 10 Mail App Keyboard ShortcutsWindows 10 is the new platform of Windows PC. This new Windows 10 is different with the previous platform such as windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7 and windows XP. It can facilitate you for visual impairment, keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using a touch screen and are an important alternative to using a mouse. This article details keyboard shortcuts for

The Mail application is most widely used applications on Windows 10. It offers almost anything you need to manage your email account. If you have added e-mail accounts to Mail and regularly use the Windows 10 Mail application, you might want to know which keyboard shortcuts are available in the Mail application to read, play back, and forward e-mail faster.

windows 10 mail shortcut keys :

Following are the Windows 10 Mail App Keyboard Shortcuts list. Check this out:

 Compose new email

 Ctrl + N or Ctrl + Shift + M

 Mark as read

 Ctrl + Q

 Mark as unread

 Ctrl + U

 Replay to currently open email

 Ctrl + R

 Replay to all

 Ctrl + Shift + R

 Forward currently open email

 Ctrl + F


 Ctrl + E or F3

 Switch to inbox

 Ctrl + Shift + I

 Switch to outbox

 Ctrl + Shift + O

 Add attachment

 Alt + I

 Send composed email

 Ctrl + Enter or Alt + S

 Zoom in

 Ctrl ++

 Zoom out

 Ctrl – –

 Manual sync

 Ctrl + M or F9

 Delete a conversation

 Ctrl + D or Del

 Archive a conversation


 Accepting meeting invitation

 Alt + C

 Decline meeting invitation

 Alt + D

 Tentative meeting invitation

 Al + N

 Move to view

 Ctrl + Shift + V

 Switch to Calendar

 Ctrl + 2

That is the list of Windows 10 Mail App Keyboard Shortcuts and you have to understand all the shortcuts to manage your email on windows 10 effective. I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading.

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