Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10

Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10Get The Problems Fix: Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10

A new feature in Windows 10. This spotlight feature can also be set so that it only displays images from certain categories by selecting the option. This Windows Spotlight feature can be activated or deactivated through the personalization section of the Settings application. Sometimes, it suddenly disappears from personalization in the Settings application for no apparent reason. If you can’t find the Windows Spotlight option in the Settings application, you can try the methods below to restore it.

  • Method 1: Make Sure You Use the Latest Windows 10 Built-In

    Please keep in mind that this Windows Spotlight feature is not on the Windows operating system that was released before the Threshold update 2. In other words, double-check the built-in that you are using and make sure the operating system build number on your Windows 10 is 10586.

  • Method 2: Remove the application from the lock screen

  1. Right-click on the desktop, click Personalize to open the Personalization section in Settings.
  2. Click Lock screen. In the Choose apps section to show quick status, click on the first application and then select None to delete it from the lock screen. Do the same method for all applications in the list and select None to delete the applications from your Lock screen.
  3. Next, click on the application in the Choose an app to show detailed status then select None to delete the application from the Lock screen.
  4. Close all running applications. Then Sign Out and Sign In again. Open the lock screen settings in the Settings application. Windows Spotlight features are also available. You can now add applications to the lock screen by clicking the plus icon, then selecting the application you want to display on the Lock screen. So, you can now Fix: Windows Spotlight Not Working In Windows 10.

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